Fun! Interactive! Flashy!

A recreation of my team's CS184 (Foundation of Computer Graphics) final project in three.js instead of C++ and GLSL. Recreated the grid-based 2D particle simulator with basic mouse interactivity, with OpenCV interactivity on the way!


I 💜 Triangles!

A 3D rasterizer and raytracer to explore the fundamentals and common techniques in computer-generated graphics. Written in Python to emphasize higher-level concepts over raw performance.


Calhacks 4.0 never ends

A work-in-progress Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator created at CalHacks. 6502 CPU Emulation is finished as well as the Picture Processing Unit, but still squashing bugs to get some games to run. Who knew debugging decade-old hardware isn't that easy?


Deep neural network! League of Legends!

A multi-layered classification network that takes both team's compositions, and returns which team is more likely to win with high probability.


Music, now with stories!

A social music experience on iOS and Android. Share your niche or basic taste in music with your friends by posting to a live feed.